Hosting Complaints - Complaints about Bad Hostiing Companies

Hosting Complaints is Here for all of you who feel hard done by from your Hosting service, and wish to warn others of their bad service or fraudulent activities.

Use the Reviews page to add your review or the complaints page to file your complaint.
As the blog develops, we hope to make an online mailing form so that people who feel sorry for you or wish to help you complain can post an email to your hosting company showing their disapproval, and to pressure them to improve their service.

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  1. i own various domains hosted by
    on their page they offer installed scripts using tuxtools (wordpress, phpbb3,

    phpcms, and website baker) none of them work - they moved to a new sql cluster

    technology and everything wernt haywire. it is impossible to install a script on

    their control panel,, but they offer this option on their sales page (a lie!)

    they dont offer hardly any support, and don't seem to be in control of what they

    are doing anymore. The used to be great, but afyter changing ceo, they have fallen

    into complete disarray are destroying pages of info on, destroyed dharmathai, -

    please help to complain and write bad reviews of this company - they have destroyed

    over 140 pages of Thai language which i have worked on so hard to write over the

    years, and offer no apology or reimbursement, simply saying 'we had an accident

    when we changed server technologies"

    They have also made Buddhism site disappear since quite some

    time now! (visit to see what they put there instead) they offer lots of things on

    their page which they do not serve, and even sold me two domains and didn't give me

    them but took the money! anyone wishing to support me should please write to complaining what they have done to spencer littlewoods sites,

    and/or write up bad reviews of them anywhere they can (hosting review sites and

    forums etc) the below site is absolutely disappeared but is fully paid and took me

    3 years to write on.

    all thai language pages turned to question marks and were not recoverable after

    their mistake.
    i regret once making a very positive review of them here once in september 2009,

    but the truth is they were good back then - please dont consider this company for

    your hosting yu will regret it i guarantee you. last domains i bought they took

    money for two packages but only gave me one! then when i assked for a refund they

    say they dont know anything about it, but my paypal account shows they got the

    money. Their ex ceo is still the one listed in their paypal payments, and is

    cashing the money but hostloco have forgotten to change the paypal account to that

    of their new owner..
    a buch of imeciles who dont care about their customer

    Any internet lawyers reading this can have 70 percent of any litigation fees which

    could be gained by suing this company. visit

    to see how they destroyed all thai characters. changing the encoding in browser

    does not help the info is lost and really simply ????? marks